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Leftovers. Do not throw away leftovers! Ensure that you tag them correctly though… you do not want to end up eating a two-week-old lasagne by mistake!

Donate. Regrettably, food banks are a reality in britain. Should you find you have a good deal of food piled up in the end of the week, take an additional half hour to pop over to the local food bank rather than chucking it in the bin. It is not hard, and it’s appreciated.

Do not Take Expiry Dates as Gospel. A lot people use ‘sell-by’ and ‘use-by’ dates with a level of absolution. They’re intended as advice over anything else. They’re also extremely cautious, as not to incriminate the seller if you end up with terrible food poisoning. Learn the natural indications of if your food is still edible or not; a great guideline is, unless it is growing something new or it smells bizarre, it’s probably fine!

Preserve. Preservatives were not necessarily the reserve of farm stores and country fairs. For those who have a glut of something why don’t you try and conserve the stuff; you can’t, it might be fun, and needless to say, it cuts down on waste!

Rubbish is a component of most of our lives. Like it or not, we make waste on a daily basis, and even though we’re more conscious of the environmental cost of our waste than ever, we’re still, overall, pretty good at ignoring it. Our methods of waste management are becoming more aware and more sophisticated every year, but to get a true environmental change, most of us have to be somewhat better in regards to dealing with our daily domestic waste.