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When you’re ready to plan the fence, add stakes and string to indicate its position. The line should be at least six inches in your property line. Be sure you understand exactly where your boundary lines are. If you’re not certain, hire a surveyor to mark the lines prior to proceeding.

After you’ve determined the amount of the fence, map out the segments. Fence posts shouldn’t be further apart than eight feet from center to center. To locate the whole number of articles needed, divide the complete length of the fence. If you think of a rest, divide again with a slightly smaller amount. By adjusting the amount through trial and error, you will eventually produce a whole number. To that number, add one (for an end post), and that’ll be the number of articles needed. Return to the string line and indicate the location of the articles with bets.

Each section will be composed of three components: the articles, the stringers and the pickets. Create a scale drawing of a section and use it as a guide to help estimate the amount of timber required for the whole fence.

You’ve already decided how many posts are required, but you want to figure their span. The articles will be made of 4 inventory. The length will be determined by the height of the article plus enough additional inventory to set the articles in the soil. Assume that your fence is going to be 6 feet high. Add 32 inches to this, and you’ll arrive at fence posts about 8 1/2 ft.

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2 stringer boards are needed for each section. The stringers are the flat boards that support the pickets. Use 2 by 4’s to the stringers. They will be four inches shorter (to allow for the width of the articles) compared to section length.

Finally, you want to figure out the amount of lumber necessary for the pickets. The complete number of pickets will be dependent on the measurements of the fence as well as its layout. You can, if you want, buttocks the pickets together so there’s absolutely no space. This will make a fence that will provide you lots of privacy, but it will also block the breezes.

Should you choose to space the pickets out, think about the picket width and distance as a single unit. You might need to adjust either the picket spaces or width to arrive in a complete number. Multiply this figure by the amount of sections to obtain the complete number of pickets.