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For more specific recommendations, download the window selection fact sheets to your state.

Then use the window selection tools for replacement windows or new structure to compare alternatives according to your climate and house design.

In colder climates, consider choosing gas-filled windows with low-e coatings to decrease heat loss.

Pick a minimal U-factor for greater thermal resistance in colder climates; the U-factor is the speed at which a window conducts non-solar heat flow.

Select windows with both low U-factors and reduced SHGCs to maximize energy savings in temperate climates with both hot and cold seasons.

Search for whole-unit U-factors and SHGCs, Instead of center-of-glass U-factors and SHGCs. Whole-unit numbers more accurately reflect the energy efficiency of the whole product.

Find out more about energy efficiency ratings for windows.


The most energy-efficient window has to be correctly installed to guarantee energy efficiency and comfort. Have your windows installed by trained professionals according to manufacturer’s directions; differently, your warranty may be void.

Window setup varies depending on the sort of window, the building of the home (wood, masonry, etc.), the exterior cladding (wood siding, stucco, brick, etc.), and the kind (if any) of weather-restrictive barrier.

Windows, flashing, and air sealing should be set up according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to carry out correctly.

The Building America Solution Center provides guidance on complete window and frame replacement. Consult this manual with your window professional to ensure proper setup.

Shopping for New

Windows Infographic

Sometimes businesses that sell replacement windows reevaluate just how much cash people might save on their heating and cooling bills when new windows are installed. The Reality Is that the money you can save depends on several variables:

What material your present windows are made from

Your home is insulated

The size of your house and how many windows it has

The shade around your dwelling

The climate you live in