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Find out more about latent semantic indexing and key words in our keyword research guide.


First, you need to ensure that your content links to other articles on your website, improving the site’s value and encouraging readers to go deeper into your website.

But just as importantly, you will want to draw links from high quality websites.


Guest blogging


Creating pillar mentioning and content influencers


It is also possible to link to high quality external sources. Bear in mind, it is not about you, and if you link out, the people that you mention may return the favor, improving the perceived value of your articles.


Semantic Search and Response Boxes


Here’s an example of a response box:


Getting your content appear in a response box may significantly increase traffic to your website.


Here are some tips to help you optimize your articles for response boxes:


Make Sure that you use heading tags to give your articles a structure


Include questions (and the answers) as a part of your essay


If you’re looking for questions to answer with new content, Response the Public is an exceptional resource. We describe how it functions in the content calendar section of our articles advertising guide.

The first step in generating leads from SEO is bringing traffic, which you learned how to perform following the steps above. But how do you turn these visitors into prospects?


A good starting point is to produce a lead magnet and give it in exchange for an email address. OptinMonster integrates with the top providers of email advertising services, so you will have the ability to use it together with your preferred choice.

Your lead magnet may be an ebook, checklist, download, or even more. Try one of these magnet tips for inspiration.


To deliver a direct magnet with OptinMonster, follow our directions for creating your first effort.